WWL has shipped a unique specimen of the “Shturmovik” fighter plane from Russia to USA. This aircraft is the only example of its kind that remains in flying condition, proven by the fact that it actually flew to a small airport outside St. Petersburg, where it was dismantled and prepared for sea transport.

The total weight of the shipment containing the Shturmovik – which was produced in epic numbers in the Soviet Union during World War II and flew in combat on the Eastern Front against Nazi Germany – was 5,000 kilogrammes. The cargo was lashed on a cradle and shipped on a special mafi trailer. Meanwhile, the wings had to be dismantled, bundled and transported on separate trailers. 

The plane left St. Petersburg in mid-December 2011 on a ship bound for Bremerhaven, Germany, where it was transshipped onto a vessel crossing the Atlantic. After arrival in Tacoma, USA, the Shturmovik will be added to the Flying Heritage Collection in Seattle– a private collection belonging to philanthropist Paul G. Allen.