For two weeks TV presenter Anne Lundberg and chef German Zamudio travelled onboard the Aniara, filming eight 30-minute episodes for Swedish national television. The Argentina-born Zamudio worked alongside Aniara chef Staffan Vilenius and prepared dishes inspired by his first boat trip in the 1960s. Commander Henry Meyer and his crew hosted the film crew, and dined on vintage Swedish dishes such as Chicken Marengo, Wallenberg meat patties and salt-cured duck. 

The film team also visited Australia, met with old friends and godchildren of Zamudio, and cooked some modern Australian cuisine. In addition to Zamudio and Lundberg, the small team included director and producer Petter Bragée and photographer Lars Schön. The “Landgång” series was broadcasted on prime time spring 2011.
Previous installments of the program have attracted millions of viewers and have ranked among the most popular shows in Sweden. Producer Petter Bragée thinks the chemistry between Lundberg and Zamudio is one reason the program is so popular, but another reason is that it shows life on board and gives an inside look into the shipping industry. Bragée says he knew nothing about shipping before he started working on the first series, but now often wishes he had opted for a career at sea.