Our team was able to watch the demonstration of new models and also learn something about the export markets for these units.

The WWL team joined more than 3,000 customers and major suppliers to Liebherr for a series of product demonstrations and technical updates.

Although Liebherr and WWL have worked together for more than 25 years, the customer days are an important opportunity to build closer personal relationships and share technical knowledge about new products, according to Bruno Seele, manager of Liebherr’s Forwarding Department.

“WWL is one of our most important suppliers in transport solutions worldwide and we are proud that such important suppliers can come here,” he explains. 

“It’s a good chance to show them the new models and demonstrate ways in which they could handle the products in port, for example, for transport. There is also the opportunity to talk to our technicians regarding handling issues during transport, such as lashing points and loading. 

“On all of our products we have a strong focus on how we can lash a heavy crane during sea transport. To achieve this it’s important to bring the technicians and the WWL people together and this, in turn, is helpful when we have the internal discussions on transport issues.”

New to the Liebherr model range was the LTM1750-9.1 mobile crane and the LTR1220 crawler crane. But the highlight of the day was a demonstration of the world’s largest conventional crawler crane, the LR13000, to create a mobile crane sculpture.

Using specially constructed cross beams for the load, the LR13000 lifted the next largest crane, an LR 11350 with a weight of 1,080 tonnes, which in turn held two further crawler cranes, an LR 1350 (288 tonnes) and an LTR 1100 (62 tonnes).
In front of an astonished audience, the LR13000 then rotated as well as moving backwards and forwards with this 1,430-tonne load.

Visitors to the customer days get more than the chance to see the products and visit the newly extended Liebherr factory. It’s also the opportunity to meet Liebherr representatives from international operations who all return to the factory at Ehingen, Germany for the special occasion.

Abu Nasser, WWL General Manager Marketing & Sales, Europe and corporate account holder says: “Both companies take the opportunity to build closer working relationships in the informal framework of the day. 

“Our team was able to watch the demonstration of new models and also learn something about the export markets for these units. We could see their working capabilities within the wind energy and oil and gas industries.

“Product knowledge is a very important part of our close working relationship. We are interested to know what we might be carrying in the future and what support we need to give in the handling and securing of their products.

“By having this information before the products arrive at the terminal we are able to ensure a smooth and damage-free RoRo voyage,” Nasser concludes.

About the customer days
* a major industry event* held every 3 years

* based at Liebherr’s factory in Ehingen, Germany

* attracts over 3,000 visitors

* customers and major suppliers

* staged over 2 days* over 200,000 m2 of demonstration area

About Liebherr
* world leading manufacturer of construction machinery

* family-owned business, founded in 1949

* now employs over 35,000 people in 130 countries* group turnover (2011): €8,334 million

* WWL customer for more than 25 years