When Belgian photographer Evy Raes visited Mexico for the eleventh time, she was not interested in a typical trip along the tourist trail. She wanted an adventure, while writing a blog for children.

Having asked European children to share any questions they might have about Mexico, she hit the road, armed with her trusted camera and a Volkswagen Beetle named Pablo.
How do Mexicans celebrate birthdays? Do they eat worms? Is the Mexican mafia stronger than the Italian one? Do they celebrate Halloween? What does the eagle on the Mexican flag mean?

Pablo drove 9,434 kilometres, along bumpy coconut-lined roads on the coast and smooth toll roads in Chiapas, to find the answers. The results were presented in Raes' blog using pictures, videos and games.

The adventure did not end there. Finding a Volkswagen Beetle in good condition had been quite a challenge and, by the end of the trip, Raes had fallen in love with Pablo and could not leave it behind. Fortunately, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics was able to bring the Beetle back to Belgium. It took just a couple of days for WWL in Mexico to help Raes arrange the booking, customs' clearance and shipping procedures and, after a month on board the MV Fedora, Pablo arrived safely in Zeebrugge. 

Today, in excellent condition and perfectly suited to Raes’ city life in Antwerp, Pablo is used to teach European children about Mexican culture through workshops and exhibitions at museums and schools.