In our business, everyone is a car enthusiast.

The publication is simply called Cars and is the official magazine of the Disney Pixar-owned mega film franchise of the same name.

The magazine is filled with the adventures of Lightning McQueen and friends, but in every issue they have a feature connected to real cars.“Disney Pixar decided they wanted to show their readers how real cars were transported from the factory to the dealership,” says Anna Larsson, Head of External Communication and Marketing at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

Larsson obliged, sending Disney Pixar all the details it needed to explain the entire outbound supply chain, by rail, by road and by ocean.

“In our business, everyone is a car enthusiast,” says Larsson, “so to connect with young car enthusiasts was just too much fun to resist.”For all you slightly older car enthusiasts, you can see the results here.