I would recommend participation to anyone with a solution that will benefit the environment.

Innovators from around the world are hereby invited to submit their applications in this international competition, which seeks to identify proactive, scalable and economically viable solutions to global maritime issues. The successful applicants will be selected this autumn at the Solutions Exchange. 

This year, the OE will present two prizes of USD 100,000: the Gulfstream Navigator Award and the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Orcelle Award. The 2013 call for solutions seeks to attract “Solutions that LEAP TO ZERO+”, defined by the OE as “innovations that generate economic growth and increased productivity, while reducing the use of nature’s resources and waste.”

Since its creation, WWL’s Orcelle Grants have supported clean-tech innovators seeking to make shipping and logistics more sustainable. Last year, WWL extended the reach of the initiative through its partnership with the Ocean Exchange – an organisation dedicated to promoting cross-industry environmental innovation.

The OE supports innovators and entrepreneurs who are implementing tangible solutions that shape the future today. The winner of the 2013 WWL Orcelle Award will receive a USD 100,000 grant to develop a solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emissions marine transport and technologies that are commercially viable.

Christopher Connor, Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer for WWL, encourages all scientists, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs to enter the competition. 

“Now is the time to share your knowledge and ideas, to help create the solutions that will move our world forward,” he says. “The giant steps we’re looking for might already be in your hands; apply to the Ocean Exchange so we can help you realise them.”

Eric Cottell, President of Nonox, which received the 2012 WWL Orcelle Award for its ground-breaking emulsion combustion system, is keen to encourage other innovators to take part in the competition.

“I would recommend participation to anyone with a solution that will benefit the environment,” he says. “Not only will you receive a lot of exposure, it is also a chance to meet like-minded people.

“Winning the 2012 Orcelle Grant has not only added prestige and validity to our company,” continues Cottell. “The OE has worked hard to make introductions for us. The grant has helped us extend our patent position worldwide and afforded us the opportunity to do more testing and expand our sales overseas.”

The Ocean Exchange™
Founded in 2010, the OE unites international organisations to distribute and adopt solutions that positively impact oceans and ocean life. Its Board of Governors consists of 27 thought leaders from around the world, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, who share a commitment to innovation and the protection of the oceans. Each year, grants are awarded to the some of the world’s most promising sustainable maritime innovations at the Solutions Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia.

Interested parties may submit their solutions at www.oceanexchange.org, before May 1, 2013.