In the letter he explained how he often saw WWL vessels entering and leaving the port of Zeebrugge during his many trips to the Belgian coast. He asked WWL for some pictures so he could hold a lecture for his classmates at school.

Werner Van Dessel, then head of WWL’s Belgian branch, sent Wies some material, but, impressed by the boy’s enthusiasm, went a step further; inviting the young enthusiast aboard a vessel. On July 30 Wies, led by WWL’s Head of Operations Hendrik Sohier and Chief Officer Karl Fredrik Ekfeld, received a full tour of a vessel, everything he needed to know about its size, capacity, environmental focus and much more. The tour was rounded off with all sorts of WWL goodies and gadgets.

“Provided Wies further develops the right skill set in the coming years, he might become part of the future WWL generation of staff,”says Van Dessel.