1. Minimise the risk of damage

The higher up you are, the harder you fall. The same goes for your rail cargo. When choosing RoRo transportation for your products, you can minimise if not entirely eliminate the need to lift your products on and off the vessel. With WWL’s tailored "no-lift" solutions – both for fully assembled railcars with bogies and railcar shells without bogies – your rail cargo is rolled between land and the vessel via a large stern ramp, ensuring smooth operations with less risk of damage.

2. Ensure a safe sea voyage

Your rail cargo remains on the same wheeled equipment for the entire sea voyage, even when transhipments are involved. The railcars and the roll trailer are safely secured to the deck using a variety of lashing belts and chains. Rail cargo is stored inside the lower decks of the ship, where your products are protected from external elements and inspected frequently throughout the ocean journey.

3. Speed up your delivery time

Time is money. With RoRo transportation you get access to high sailing frequency and fixed schedules to support your multiple shipments and to meet your project deadlines. This can mean significant savings in storage costs and simplification of the outbound logistics flow.

4. Get access to land-based services

When you choose RoRo services from WWL, you get access to technical services and safe storage area at the ocean terminal.

5. Keep your customers happy

High quality, short lead times and minimized risks all lead to cost savings, but also to satisfied end customers. And that is priceless.