1. New trade maps give shippers clarity over liner service schedule

When it comes to choosing the best shipping carrier out there, cargo owners have a plethora of questions: from ports of load and discharge to transit times and frequency. In light of this, WW Ocean launched new trade maps in July – transparent, handy and easily understandable overview of its inbound and outbound ocean routes. Interested in learning more? Check out this video guide.

2. WW Ocean breaks records with heaviest ever Japanese shipment

October saw one of WW Ocean’s RoRo vessels, Parsifal, set sail from Japan to Belgium with a record-breaking shipment on board. On a dark October evening, a 275-tonne rotor, which will be used as part of a turbine in a power station, was loaded onto the vessel without a hitch. Watch the loading here.

3. Stink bugs given the heave-ho at new treatment facilities in Zeebrugge and Baltimore

With the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) causing major headaches for cargo owners, the opening of two new heat treatment facilities was welcome news in 2018. The Zeebrugge heat treatment facility is designed for cars, vans, light commercial vehicles and small tractors, and treats 20-25 vehicles in one session. The Baltimore facility, which uses eight 500,000-BTU heaters fed by three 1,000-gallon propane tanks, treats vehicles in about two hours.

4. MV Titus joins the WW Ocean fleet

The WW Ocean fleet was given a boost in July with new neo-panamax vessel MV Titus. The vessel, the first large car and truck carrier ever built at CSIC Xingang, has been designed to reduce energy consumption and emissions, and will ship breakbulk, rolling equipment and cars.

5. 80-tonne power transformer shipped around the world

When energy giant ABB needed to ship a transformer from Thailand to Colombia in August, WW Ocean was on hand to ensure everything ran smoothly. The four-metre-high transformer was successfully transported in just 59 days.

6. Salome takes to the seas in new brand colours

RoRo vessel Salome was the first of the WW Ocean fleet to be rebranded in sea green and flint grey in September. After calling at the port of Baltimore, where she discharged and loaded nearly 7,500 tonnes of cargo during a 24-hour period, the vessel then set sail around the world. Her makeover follows the creation and launch of WW Ocean’s new branding in April.

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7. Guidance on stink bugs and Sulphur 2020 great news for shippers

With stink bugs and upcoming sulphur regulations keeping shippers awake at night, guidance from various authorities on the subject was required. Edmund Hughes, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shared his thoughts on how shippers could prepare for Sulphur 2020, while WW Ocean experts contributed to a whole host of content on the stink bug.

8. Knowledge-sharing prioritised at customer-focused events

With various RoRo events taking place throughout the year – including the inaugural RoRo Academy in Milan in October – cargo owners were given lots of opportunity to swot up on all things RoRo. Stay tuned for a whole host of events in 2019.

9. New name, visual identity and logos unveiled

It was fitting that the month of April, considered a time for transformation and new beginnings, was when the company rebrand took place. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) was restructured into ocean transport company Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean (WW Ocean) and land-based logistics entity Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions (WW Solutions). The new branding also saw the launch of a new logo – a modern take on the traditional W, made up of two lines and a circle. 

10. WW Ocean becomes commercial agent for EUKOR in North America, the Iberian Peninsula, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

In April, WW Ocean became commercial agent for EUKOR Car Carriers in a number of markets. Working as one entity, WW Ocean and EUKOR currently operate around 130 RoRo vessels servicing 15 intercontinental routes, with more than 1,300 sailings and around 9,000 port calls a year.