Transporting a manufacturing plant across two continents is not a run-of-the-mill logistics project. It requires careful planning and a unique, customised service. In this instance, the customer chose a tailor-made RoRo solution from WWL over the traditional charter vessels that usually handle this type of project.

“The customer needed a reliable, experienced carrier to provide a bespoke solution that would take into account the commercial, operational and logistics aspects of this very sensitive shipment,” explains Angelo Gnanasigamony, WWL Australia Account Manager specialising in the Mining & Construction and Breakbulk segments.


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The factory originated from north of Melbourne, from where WWL’s Australian transport agents were put in charge of ensuring its safe delivery to Melbourne Port. From there, a dedicated WWL vessel was induced to take the shipment to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

With the busy port experiencing heavy congestion, WWL South-East Asia and its local port agent in Vietnam negotiated with the container terminal to accept this large breakbulk shipment, making WWL’s ship one of only a few RoRo vessels ever to dock at this terminal.

This was not the only challenge that WWL solved for the customer. Due to the sensitive nature of the cargo, it faced extensive transport restrictions in Melbourne, with numerous regulations to be considered and permits to be obtained. Special road trailers had to be used and WWL advised the customer on adjustments that could be made to reduce the transport height of the cargo. On the ocean side, WWL’s port captain and experienced cargo operators guided the customer with the pre-fabrication and welding work that had to be done to the cargo to ensure that it could be lashed down safely on the rolltrailers and on board to the vessel.

Gnanasigamony explains that RoRo is certainly the most reliable solution for complex cargo of this kind.

“A liner service from WWL is the most consistent, dependable form of ocean transport on the market,” he says. “Moreover, our customers have ease of mind knowing that their fragile cargo is securely loaded and unloaded using rolltrailers and stowed safely below deck on our ship, instead of being exposed to the elements outdoors.”