Much like the logistics industry, keeping the world supplied with energy is a vast jigsaw puzzle. Honor Worldwide Logistics is one of the companies charged with fitting those pieces together.

For a recent contract, the freight forwarder needed to move a 34-metre-long pipe-shaped component from Galveston, Texas, to Singapore, where it would be used as a testing chamber for deep drilling tools in the oil exploration business.

Galveston: A major hub for heavy equipment

“The component has the ability to have tools placed inside the chamber in the vertical position and tested at pressures of around 8000 psi with temperatures as high as 572°F. It is employed in a state of the art test facility, and is considered a first-of-a-kind design for the upstream industry”, says Jeffrey Trask, Account Manager for WWL.

When Honor Worldwide Logistics needed help to transport the component safely from Texas, through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean, they turned to the experience of WWL.

A new solution

The solution proposed by WWL involved the combined use of its multipurpose bogies (MPB) and roll trailers to transport the oil component through the port and onto the vessel securely. 

How multipurpose bogies work: Watch this short animated film

The team in Galveston responsible for loading the cargo received detailed instructions from Fredrik Hedin, Senior Equipment Advisor, on how to secure the cargo to the equipment correctly, as well as how to use roll trailers and MPBs together properly. The combination of equipment provided a ‘twist and tilt’ effect that ensured the item was not subjected to undue stresses.

Detailed planning pays dividends

Hedin sent a detailed drawing to Galveston showing how to secure the cargo and explained the issues that could potentially arise during the loading operation. Thanks to this detailed planning, the solution worked exactly as expected.

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Once the cargo arrived in Panama, the local operations team confirmed that the Galveston team had followed the instructions from the Global Equipment team to the letter. The shipment was then discharged and reloaded onto another WWL vessel for transport to its final destination in Singapore.