WW Ocean was tasked with shipping a large conveyer system from Bell Bay in Tasmania to Fremantle in Western Australia. A conveyor system is a common piece of mechanical handling equipment that moves materials from one location to another.

Conveyor systems allow quick and efficient transportation for a wide variety of materials, making them very popular in the material handling and packaging industries.

Mining equipment: Can we help you with your shipping needs? 

This particular conveyor system, the Radial Telescopic Conveyor from Telestack, is used for stockpiling a range of material into bays or silos, or moving it from primary crushers and screeners, among other things. The massive piece of machinery measures 922 cubic metres.

Saving time and money at both ends 

Thanks to its vessel MV TYSLA, with a door height measuring 7.1 metres tall, WW Ocean was able to ship the unit fully assembled, saving the customer considerable money and time at both ends.

“Through great teamwork between WW Ocean and the customer, we were able to ship this massive piece of machinery as a complete unit, making it the largest single RoRo unit ever to be carried by our company,” says Matthew Jackson, Key/Liner Sales Manager for WW Ocean in Oceania.

“Our ability to handle the unit fully assembled, and the timing of the voyage, allowed for the machine to be deployed in the quickest manner to its next assignment.”