Logistics and transportation are crucial for Liebherr when producing its 237-tonne Liebherr T 282 C haul trucks for the Australian mining industry. The giant dump body, built in Brisbane, has the shortest distance to travel – just 985 kilometres by road to the assembly site in North Queensland.

The chassis parts are manufactured in Newport News, Virginia, in the US. From there, the journey continues to the Port of Savannah, where they are loaded onto roll trailers for roro transportation on a WWL vessel. After 27 days at sea the vessel reaches the Port of Brisbane.

Meanwhile, the trucks’ drive systems and planetary gear sets are manufactured in and shipped from Biberach, Germany, and the wheel rims from Toronto, Canada.

Once the haul trucks are assembled on the build site, they still have to travel another 314 kilometres to reach the mine.

In this time-lapse video, Liebherr shows the unloading of the chassis parts at the Port of Brisbane and the journey from there to the build site in North Queensland. It also shows the manufacturing of the dump body and the final assembly of the trucks.