WW Ocean shipped several important pieces of breakbulk in Brazil earlier this month. The cargo included parts for a hydroelectric power plant parts and an automotive industry press. The shipments left from the port of Santos bound for Chile, Mexico, Panama and Colombia.

RoRo the ideal solution for breakbulk 

Good collaboration with freight forwarders in Brazil has seen the demand for breakbulk shipments increase in South America. The freight forwarders choose Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) over Lift-on Lift-off options for different reasons, ranging from the safety of the cargo to the frequency of port calls and cost savings.

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A RoRo vessel can carry a diverse range of cargo. Cars, trucks and large machinery can sit alongside heavy mining equipment, generators and locomotives all on the same vessel.

The loading of cargo via a stern ramp is a secure and efficient process that ensures safe handling regardless of weather conditions, while cargo is secured with lashing to the vessel deck.

Close cooperation key to success 

One of the shipments out of Santos was destined for a hydroelectric power plant in Chile. WW Ocean shipped the ‘stator’, a unique piece of a power generation system specifically designed for the power plant.

The stator weighs in at 110 tons, and because of its bulky dimensions this kind of cargo used to be loaded on LOLO vessels.

However, after a workshop involving the freight forwarder and manufacturer, and operational team meetings with engineers from the production plant, lashing points were successfully added to the cargo to prepare it for a successful RoRo shipment.

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In the coming weeks, another stator and two sizeable rotors, weighing almost 95 tons, will be loaded. 

A solution for diverse equipment 

Three major pieces of an industry press, one weighing over 100 tons, were loaded in Santos for delivery to a big automaker located in Mexico. The frequency of calls and cost savings compared to LOLO service were the main reasons for the customer choosing RoRo transport.

The team in Santos also oversaw shipments of 140 small and medium size compressors bound for Panama and Colombia.

Due to capacity issues with their usual container carrier, the freight forwarder working on this project turned to WW Ocean for a RoRo solution. Together with the supplier, the freight forwarder was impressed with the under-deck conditions, direct service, and optimization of the cargo on roll trailers.

WW Ocean offers a stable global liner service, which gives customers a good opportunity to plan ahead, keeping both risks and costs low. WW Ocean has a fleet of about 60 vessels operating in a global network of trades.