Every time a product changes hands, it increases the risk of delays and damage. Now that we have one partner from start to finish, we’ve ensured visibility across the entire supply chain.

Harmony and quality are two key principles for Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment, a leading Korean manufacturer of construction machines, with which Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has had a business relationship for around 20 years. That’s why Doosan was one of the first customers to sign up when WWL opened its first processing centre for rolling equipment in Zeebrugge, Belgium, in 2008.

Three years on, Cormac Tracey, Logistics Director at the European Head Office in Waterloo, Belgium, is quick to confirm that, by consolidating its ocean and technical services with one supplier, Doosan has been able to secure a more efficient, integrated export process, as well as realising significant quality gains.

“Doosan’s focus is on complete quality management and our long-standing partnership with WWL is a key feature of this,” he says. “Every time a product changes hands, it increases the risk of delays and damage. Now that we have one partner from start to finish, we’ve ensured visibility across the entire supply chain.”

WWL’s European Account Manager, Didier Verhoeven, has just travelled to Waterloo for his monthly meeting with Cormac Tracey. Together, the two have developed a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to evaluate the work carried out by WWL in Zeebrugge. They meet every month to follow up on the progress and discuss opportunities for improvement.

“We both agree that the overriding focus has to be on quality,” Verhoeven explains. “If something’s gone wrong, Doosan will want to know why, so it’s up to us to look carefully at each individual case.”

One KPI looks at the no-claims rate and Didier Verhoeven explains that WWL is currently performing at a rate of 99.9 per cent against a target of 98 per cent. 

“We’ve set the bar very high and the standard is generally excellent,” adds Tracey. “In the last six months, we’ve had only one warranty claim against the equipment that WWL has handled. In my opinion, the measure of a good partner is its willingness to work together and solve a problem when something goes wrong.”

Prior to 2008, Doosan had been sourcing the services that are currently provided by WWL in Zeebrugge from three separate suppliers. When the construction machines were discharged in Rotterdam, they were transported by road to a centre in the Netherlands, where they were prepared for onward transportation. Now, Doosan’s machines are rolled off the ship in Zeebrugge into the WWL terminal, where they are immediately inspected, cleaned and prepared for delivery. WWL handles all the documentation, along with any necessary modifications and painting.

“Our processing centre in Zeebrugge is literally on the dock,” Verhoeven explains. “So the machines roll off the ship, straight into our terminal and processing centre. To the best of my knowledge, WWL is the only company in this business who can offer specialist PDI and modification services of this kind for rolling equipment.”

“Not only does WWL offer a unique level of technical expertise, it also has a keen understanding of our industry and its needs,” adds Tracey. “We’re always looking for ways of expanding the partnership – both geographically and across the Doosan product range.”

In addition to the five-year contract recently signed by Doosan and WWL for ocean transportation, a three-year contract extension has also been agreed for Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) services in Zeebrugge.

“We’re very proud to have signed this new contract,” says Cheul Young Kim, Corporate Account Manager for Doosan and Head of Commercial for rolling equipment at WWL Korea. “We look forward to helping our partners at Doosan develop new synergies and efficiencies across its global export business.”

Seamless solutions
WWL has been providing ocean transportation for Doosan products going from Korea to the US and Europe for approximately 20 years. Since 2008, WWL has also managed a technical services contract, encompassing some 1,500 excavators and wheel loaders annually, for Doosan at its processing centre in Zeebrugge. WWL also provides technical services in Tacoma, on the US west coast, for Doosan units bound for the US market. The service offering at Zeebrugge includes receipt and arrival checking, washing and PDI services, modifications and paint shop, storage and warehousing, customs and documentation, as well as transshipment and delivery for inland transportation.

About Doosan
Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment is a global alliance of brands, comprising Doosan, Bobcat, Montabert and Geith. Its comprehensive range of construction equipment includes excavators, wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, telescopic handlers and skid-steer loaders. Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment is part of the Doosan Group, the longest standing and fastest growing corporation in Korea, with 38,200 employees and a network of more than 3,500 dealers worldwide.