What we appreciate with WWL is their ability to react quickly, their very good knowledge of the cargo and their very regular service.

Two shipments of Beneteau Trawler 52s, one of the largest boats in the Beneteau fleet, clearly demonstrate the ability of WWL. Working with logistics partner, SDV International Logistics, WWL creates cost effective and high quality solutions to the challenge of moving ever-bigger cargoes around the world.

The first unit, headed for Savannah, USA, was shipped without its fly-bridge but still reached 6.26 metres high when loaded on its MAFI trailer. While many carriers are only able to transport shipments of this height on deck, WWL has the right vessels and specialist equipment to provide under-deck transport for this size of cargo.

The second Trawler 52 presented an even greater challenge. To be shipped to Port Kembla, Australia, fully built with its fly-bridge mounted, the boat reached 7.95 metres high on its cradle. In this case, the WWL solution was to offer on-deck loading onto a specific vessel, MV Toledo out of Zeebrugge.

The ability of WWL to offer both Ro-Ro under-deck and specialist on-deck loading, plus the team’s  expertise in handling this type of cargo, were key factors in winning these contracts in a highly competitive market.

“What we appreciate with WWL is their ability to react quickly, their very good knowledge of the cargo and their very regular service,” says Frederic Pessus, sea freight operations manager for SDV International Logistics.

“The need to ship a Trawler 52 fully built-up started a request to reduce costs. The on-deck loading proposed by WWL meant we could deliver the yacht, by sea with a professional crew, from Noirmoutier, France, to Zeebrugge which is easier than road transport across Europe. Plus it means the dealer can deliver the boat quicker to the customer in Australia.
“We studied several solutions with different shipping lines but, in the end, we decided to work with WWL because it was the best option,” he explains. “We have an excellent relationship with WWL, built up over many years. They are very professional and that’s what we need.”

WWL has been shipping Beneteau yachts from Europe to Australia for more than 15 years and also has a growing share to the USA where it offers the advantage of both east and west coast discharge.

“SDV understands that our RoRo concept, with under-deck shipment, is the best solution when it comes to safe stowage,” says Patrick Mead, key accounts manager, WWL France. “But, the height of the fully built Trawler gave us a very good opportunity to prove our on-deck shipment can be just as reliable and safe.

“Because of our fleet mix, we are able to offer the right type of vessel for these cargoes and make sure they are available for the requested shipment dates; not all ships can carry these heights.  We also have experienced teams with the right equipment to carry out lifting at both loading and discharge – not all ports can handle these cargoes.”

As Beneteau continues to build even bigger motor yachts, such as the new Monte Carlo range, WWL is ready to win more business. The Mark V RoRo carriers launching this year will be the biggest in the world with a door height of 7 metres and are perfect for carrying super-yachts, both under and on deck.

Beneteau was founded in Croix-de-Vie, France, in 1884 by Benjamin Beneteau. Initially the company built sailing trawlers before branching out into sailing boats. Today it is a global company with five factories in France and the US. The Trawler 52 is aimed at two markets: sailors looking for a “sailorish” powerboat and skippers looking for a comfortable coastal cruiser.