To deliver on our promises to our customers, we rely on suppliers as well as our own resources and network. We evaluate quality, performance and cost levels of our suppliers to select who we partner with. Together we create value for WWL customers.

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WWL delivers sophisticated logistics solutions for our customers across the globe. To accomplish this we rely on our own resources and network as well as the services of a global network of suppliers.

We take a professional approach to procurement. Through sourcing initiatives we evaluate the quality and performance of our suppliers, as well as cost levels, to select with whom we partner. Together we create value for WWL customers.

Vision and Mission

WWL's vision and mission for the procurement area were established in order to support the overall company goals and give clear guidance.

WWL's procurement vision is to establish an industry best practice procurement organization that creates value, transparency and efficiency to our entire organization.

WWL's procurement mission is, in cooperation with our suppliers, to secure best-value products and services for our customers. This through a sustainable, responsible and demanding approach.