Logistics and shipping are inherently global, and WWL has an important economic and social impact in our home communities across the world. We strive to contribute to their sustainable economic and social development, and to this end we engage with the global ocean community as well as with the communities in which we live and work.

We take an interactive approach and strive to build mutually beneficial working relationships with national and regional authorities and other parties based on transparency and open dialogue.

Community initiatives and projects are mainly run by our offices and operations around the world to support neighbouring communities. In 2015, WWL employees were engaged in more than 20 different projects, ranging from disaster relief and environmental projects to supporting education for disadvantaged children.

A special example is the Baan Jing Jai Children’s Home in Thailand. It is home to orphaned or abandoned children, from newborn to age 18, and for many years it operated out of run-down houses on a busy street. 

It was clear that a new house was needed, and WWL employees around the world started to donate money, which the company matched. To date, 9 million Thai baht (250,000 US dollars) has been raised, more than a third of the total building cost of 24 million baht. Other donors include private individuals and some small and medium-sized Scandinavian enterprises.

Staff in Thailand, Norway, Sweden, Australia and the UK have donated clothes, toys and books as well as funds over several years. In January 2015 the new home was inaugurated. It will house around 100 children and includes modern facilities such as bathrooms and a large kitchen. WWL has also donated a water purifier and is sponsoring some of the children through school and university.

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The grand opening of Baan Jing Jai

A decade of environmental service