Fair competition:
Competition and anti-trust law promotes free enterprise and prohibits behaviour that restricts fair competition and applies to all business areas. It combats illegal practices such as price fixing, allocation of customers or markets, or any abuse of a dominant market position. We are committed to fair competition and does not tolerate violations of competition and anti-trust laws and regulations.

Compliance program
The Wallenius Wilhelmsen Compliance Program consists of the company values, a core set of documents that outlines the responsibilities and proper practices of the company and its employees, implemented through six fundamental principles within our Quality Management System to ensure that compliance is a truly ongoing effort.

Resources and tools include:

  • Global Compliance Officer and team of regional Compliance Managers
  • QMS document controlled Policies,  Instructions and Manuals, Quarterly Management Reports 
  • E-Learning as well as targeted compliance training sessions conducted by the Compliance Officer, Legal Counsels or the business units as relevant
  • Online tool for due diligence screening of business partners

Our employees are encouraged to report any concerns with regard to unethical conduct, and can use our Ethics Alert line.

We work together with industry, international agencies and national authorities to combat structural challenges, for global trade without corruption. 

Code of Conduct
Our Top Management commitment to sustainable, compliant and responsible business conduct is outlined in our Code of Conduct. Every year, employees sign off on their commitment to work conduct and adherence to the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct, together with the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Values, constitute the basis and framework for our performance culture and our governing polices.

Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions are committed to prevent the occurrence of bribery in all activities under our effective control. Any offering or accepting of bribes in any form to any person, whether private or public, direct or indirect, through third parties, is prohibited.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions recognise that facilitation payments are bribes, and as such Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions are committed to work to identify and eliminate them.
Our employees, or members of their families, must not allow gifts and hospitality to influence their objectivity and independence, or cause others to perceive an influence.

At the same time, no employee shall offer gifts or hospitality when it could affect, or be perceived to affect, the outcome of a business transaction.

As founding members of the Maritime Anti-corruption Network, we are actively working to prevent bribery.

The MACN has been founded by Wallenius Wilhelmsen and fourteen other major vessel owners and companies involved in the maritime industry, all of which are working towards a maritime industry free from corruption. In addition to sharing best practices between the members and aligning policies and approaches in the field of anti-corruption, the MACN will also seek support from governments and international organisations to target corrupt practices in challenging jurisdictions and find ways of addressing the root causes of corruption.

The MACN’s vision is a maritime industry free from corruption that enables fair trade and promotes ethical business practices. Its members believe that this vision can be realised by spreading awareness of the industry challenges and by sharing and implementing best practices for tackling bribes, facilitation payments and other forms of corruption. The MACN will also deliver tangible activities to counter corruption, developing pilot projects at hot-spot locations, in order to better understand the challenges faced and recommend actions to mitigate the risks.