The shipping industry is the engine of world commerce. No other industry moves as much with as little emissions. But shipping still leaves a significant environmental footprint.

Over the past years, significant steps have been taken to implement regulations to limit sulphur emissions from shipping. Whilst necessary, these regulations pose a significant cost and compliance challenge to the shipping industry. If the regulations are robustly implemented then compliance is the norm and competition is not distorted. However, when enforcement is weak a temptation is created to cut corners on compliance. The result is that regulations will not have the intended effect of protecting the environment and human health. Also, responsible shipping companies are put at a disadvantage relative to those who are intentionally non-compliant.

We have long been highly engaged in the public debate around sulphur regulations, and has raised the issues the current lack of enforcement presents in several forums. In his talks with shipping companies, regulators, ports and environmental organisations, Roger Strevens, VP Environment for Wallenius Wilhelmsen, found widespread concern about the low level of enforcement of the existing regulations. Many companies voiced their support for robust enforcement and an interest in taking a collaborative approach to bringing it about. To build on the momentum created and ensure that the ideas generated had a platform from which to grow, the concept of the Trident Alliance came to be.

The Trident Alliance is a coalition of shipping owners and operators who share a common interest in robust enforcement of maritime sulphur regulation and are willing to collaborate to help bring it about. The alliance partners with other stakeholder groups who share the interest in robust enforcement, to collaborate on initiatives that support this objective.

We remain highly engaged in the Trident Alliance. Since September 2015, Anna Larsson, VP Sustainability at Wallenius Wilhelmsen, is the elected Chair of the Trident Alliance. To read more about the Trident Alliance, go to