Executive management team
Our environmental commitment is a company-wide effort that stems from an agreement by the CEO and executive management team on the scope of the company's current and future initiatives. During our annual Long Term Business Strategy process, the team discusses and defines the company's environmental objectives and plans.

Stakeholder involvement
Stakeholder input is also valuable to our environmental planning process. Through stakeholder dialogues, We are able to gain knowledge that is useful in shaping the company's environmental initiatives. NGOs support us with research, knowledge and guidance on sustainability planning. Industry organisations and legislative bodies share critical information on the framework conditions that impact our operations. Our owners provide technical advice on installations and identify opportunities for technological improvements.

Regional champions
At the regional level, we appoint champions for the company's environmental policy to ensure ongoing activities to make employees aware of and engaged in activities to support our environmental agenda. Champions are also responsible for regional and local stakeholder engagement.

Our Code of Conduct requires all employees to support and participate in activities that promote the pollution reduction, resource conservation and other means of environmental protection.