WWL today operates 11 terminals throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. The terminals have been designed by WWL's logistics experts to provide flexible and efficient processing, handling and storage of cargo, and operate according to our global best practices to guarantee consistent quality.

A unique chance
West Webb Dock’s proximity to the Central Business District provides a unique chance for a new port operator to demonstrate how a terminal operation can integrate with Melbourne’s residential and commercial landscape. 

Rob Lord, Regional Director Oceania for WWL comments: "As an environmental frontrunner, our vision sees the West Webb Dock facility being renowned for its design and efficient operation to service the needs of industry and the community, all whilst achieving the lowest environmental impact in the industry." 

Terminals are critical links in the supply chain, connecting ocean transport and road, rail and short-sea activities to ensure safe and efficient delivery of goods to the end customer. For more than a century WWL has played a key part in Australian trade, and today plays a significant role in the automotive, farming, construction and mining industries. 

"We welcome this opportunity to showcase how our global experience and unique expertise can make an even greater contribution to Melbourne, Victoria and Australia," says Rob Lord.

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