The sixth annual Ocean Exchange, recently hosted in Savannah, GA, featured fifteen sustainable worldwide solutions that demonstrate the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources and waste production.

The winner of the 2016 Gulfstream Navigator Award in the amount of $100,000 USD is Sun Buckets (IL, USA). The Sun Buckets solution is a cooking device that uses stored solar energy to help impoverished communities cook without the use of biomass-based fuels, open flame, or emissions.

“This year’s Navigator Award focused on renewable energy,” said Ira Berman, senior vice president, Administration, and general counsel, Gulfstream. “And the winner, Sun Buckets, really embraced the concept by using renewable fuel to transform sustainability into value. We applaud their innovative approach to harnessing solar energy to help address community challenges.”

The winner of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Orcelle Award in the amount of $100,000 USD is Vortex Turbine by Turbulent (Belgium). The winning solution is a new hydropower technology inspired by the natural shape of a vortex---providing smart, decentralized energy production in a turnkey system with standard components.

“Turbulent is the WWL 2016 Orcelle Award recipient for the Vortex Turbine---an innovative engineering concept that provides a low-cost, reliable and practical hydro-powered energy alternative to help build and sustain small communities around the world,” said Ray Fitzgerald, President of the Atlantic region at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.  The Orcelle Award program and grant is in its tenth year and recognizes a sustainable technology or solution that advances emissions reduction on land or sea.

In addition to the winning grant recipients, 13 additional innovators presented sustainable solutions to a distinguished group of conference guests representing business and industry, entrepreneurs, academia, government, and NGOs:

  • Atom Switch Solid State Circuit Breakers by Atom Power: USA (NC)
  • Carbon-Capturing Lightweight Hybrid Composites by RRTC: USA (NJ)
  • Resonant Wave Energy Converter by CorPower:  Sweden
  • Greening the Coastal Deserts Seawater Desalination System by Atmocean:  USA (NM)
  • Bioenergy Booster Waste Sludge Conversion to Energy:  Sweden
  • HySiLabs Fuel of the Future:  France
  • Q.Rad Computing Heater by Qarnot Computing:  France
  • SAROS Desalination by Eco-H2O Innovations:  USA (NC)
  • SolarVIA™ Low Cost Solar Energy Production by 510Nano:  USA (NC)
  • Solvatten Solar Water Treatment and Water Heater System:  Sweden
  • StingRAY Wave Power by Columbia Power Technologies:  USA (VA)
  • SunCulture Solar Powered Irrigation for Developing World:  Kenya
  • Weaver 5 Wind Turbine by Weaver Wind Energy:  USA (NY)

Each year, the Ocean Exchange seeks innovative, proactive and globally scalable sustainable solutions with working prototypes and applications that can cross industries, economies and cultures. 23 experts from around the world reviewed and selected the top 15 solutions that offer the greatest ability to transform industries. Find more information about The Ocean Exchange here:


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