Advancing a commercially viable shipping and logistics solution for increased sustainability through zero-emissions, transport on land and at sea, the WWL Orcelle® Award of 2013 and $100,000 has been awarded to ECOsubsea and their ecological way of underwater hull cleaning.

ECOsubsea has developed technology that allows ship owners to clean their vessels in an environmentally responsible way while in port and conducting cargo operations. The ECOsubsea hull-cleaning system meets the key challenges that include: high collection rate of biofouling debris; preservation of vessel coating during cleaning; and safer operation through greatly reducing the need for divers.

Christopher Connor, President and CEO Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics of Norway, congratulated the winner saying “the appeal of this solution is how it combines an environmental benefit with a commercial incentive.”

This year's $100,000 Gulfstream Navigator Award 2013 was given to WITT Energy Harvesting Transmission Collecting Power from All Sea Motion by WITT Limited: The device takes natural energy, which is produced by the movement of water, wind, humans, animals or vehicles, and converts it into usable energy.

This solution best reflects the goals of The Gulfstream Navigator Award: applicability across multiple industries to generate a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

"We congratulate WITT Limited, winner of this year’s Gulfstream Navigator award," said Joe Lombardo, executive vice president, Aerospace Group, General Dynamics, parent company of Gulfstream Aerospace. "WITT's energy-harvesting solution will significantly contribute to increased energy production from renewable resources. Additionally, it has a wide range of applications, from small personal appliances to large-scale marine renewable energy. We're excited about this product's environmental potential."

These solutions reduce the use of nature’s resources and waste and increase productivity and economic well being.

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