Ocean Exchange Announces Top Ten Solution Finalists

The fifth annual Ocean Exchange, held in Savannah, Georgia, will feature ten solutions with the ability to generate economic growth and increase productivity while reducing the use of nature’s resources and the production of waste. The innovators will present their solutions and compete for one of two $100,000 awards from worldwide sponsors Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).

This year’s Solutions Inspiring Action are:

AeroClay Recyclable and Biodegradable Materials, by Compadre

Airflow™Panels for Energy Saving Gills for Buildings, by Architectural Applications 

Hybrid Heat Exchanger/Generator for Electricity on Aircraft, by ALTEG

Low Cost Energy Storage Using an Iron Flow Battery, by ESS, Inc. 

Fully Autonomous Electric Flying Vehicle, by Matternet, Inc.

Smart LED Grow Light to Maximize Biomass Production While Reducing Energy Consumption, by Phytosynthetix

Turning Buildings Into Batteries, by QCoefficient

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter, by Saphon

Energy Efficient, Low Emission Ignition, by Transient Plasma Systems

Hybrid Electric Powertrains, by XL Hybrids

Each year, the Ocean Exchange seeks innovative, proactive and globally scalable solutions with working prototypes and applications that can cross industries, economies and cultures. Twenty-four experts from around the world reviewed and selected the top 10 solutions with the greatest ability to transform industries.

These innovators will compete for one of these awards:

  • The Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2015 will be given to the solution that best demonstrates the greatest potential to Accelerate Sustainability with applicability across multiple industries generating positive impact on the environment, economics and health while respecting cultures around the world.
  • The WWL Orcelle® Award 2015 will be given to the solution that makes shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emission, marine- and land-based technologies that are commercially viable.

In 2015 more than 70 solutions were registered in the Ocean Exchange Gallery, from the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Tunisia, Japan, Germany, Norway and Israel and represented many different industries, including construction and building management, alternative energy and its storage, clean air/water, data management, transportation/shipping, and agriculture/aquaculture, among others.          

Ocean Exchange™ accelerates the adoption of active solutions by being the intersection of an exciting new worldwide community of thought leaders providing insights to solution providers.

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For more information, please visit www.OceanExchange.org or contact Millicent.Pitts@oceanexchange.org.  She can be reached at 912-257-0209.