The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), one of China’s competition compliance authorities, have today announced the outcome of their investigation into the car carrying industry. As part of their conclusions, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) was found guilty of instances of anti-competitive behaviour in the period August 2008 – September 2012, and has been fined RMB 45,061,269 (ca 7 MUSD).

The NDRC have conducted a thorough investigation which WWL has supported to the very best of its ability. The authority concluded that WWL and other carriers involved in ocean transport of new cars and high and heavy equipment participated in agreements which violated Article 13 of the Antitrust Law of the People’s Republic of China.

“I am happy that this matter has been concluded,” says Christopher Connor, President & CEO of WWL. “We take this very seriously. We accept the NDRC’s conclusions and appreciate the efficient way in which they conducted the proceedings. WWL will continue to take the necessary steps to meet the highest ethical standards; it’s what we expect from ourselves and what our customers deserve.”


The investigations into the car carrying industry started in September 2012, when Japanese, US and EU authorities opened investigations. Other jurisdictions including China have followed and certain investigations are still on-going. 

WWL works continually to meet the highest ethical standards. Over the past years the company has further:

  • Ÿstrengthened its competition compliance process and procedures, appointing a Global Compliance Officer to oversee and manage regulatory compliance issues, as well as Compliance Managers for its respective divisions and in all main markets
  • Ÿsupplemented and enhanced the Competition Compliance Manuals for several jurisdictions, including China, Japan and Korea;
  • Ÿreinforced training on the Competition & Anti-Trust Policy that outlines the company’s requirements for compliant industry communication and documentation;
  • Ÿintroduced an Ethics Alert Line to encourage reporting of any non-compliant behaviour

WWL will continue to monitor the development of anti-trust regulations on a global basis and make sure that all such regulations are fully observed.


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