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Greeting flying cargo

Learn how WW Ocean handle flying cargo going across the Atlantic.


How to cut costs and reduce risks with RoRo

Choosing a RoRo vessel combined with liner service has the potential to reduce cost and risk for customers shipping heavy breakbulk. Let’s find out how.


RoRo – the safer, smarter way

Automotive Logistics Europe conference 2018

Bonn, Germany, 13-14 June


Beetle on board

AUTO BILD magazine took a 1958 VW Beetle on board a Wallenius Wilhelmsen vessel.

Customer stories

Find out how we helped some of the worlds leading manufacturers of cars, trucks and heavy equipment


Return of the bug: Battling invasive species

Protecting against invasive species is everyone’s responsibility.

News and insights

The latest news about our offering and our take on market developments


Renewable energy: More than a dream

To find the global leader in renewables, we have to look east.


Bigger, better, and ready for the challenge

Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA CEO Craig Jasienski talks about current market conditions.