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Advanced fleet of eco-friendly and fuel efficient vessels

Partnering with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics means that you reap the benefits of more than 140 years of shipping experience and a proven track record of quality, reliability, innovation and personal service. Through a fleet of more than 60 modern, eco-friendly and fuel efficient vessels, we provide you with a global, reliable and cost effective ocean product.

Ocean transportation

We offer deep-sea shipping services, as well as transhipment and short-sea shipping. As one of the world's leading RoRo carriers, we safely carry about 2,3 million vehicles, rolling equipment, and static cargo each year to most destinations around the world. As a compliment to our global shipping services, we offer you the advantage of supply chain management and inland logistics support such as distribution, vehicle processing, terminal handling, and storage.

Advanced fleet

We operate a modern and versatile fleet of more than 60 PCTC and RoRo vessels. In an effort to increase delivery precision and reduce lead times for our customers, we continuously invest in improving the design of existing ships and newbuildings with regard to capacity, fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Cargo segments

Aside from transportation of cars, agricultural and construction machinery, we also specialise in the transportation of long, tall and heavy static cargo up to 50 metres long, 6.5 metres high and 300 tonnes in weight. Cargo such as a space shuttle to Australia, a 200 tonne turbine to South Africa, a 25-metre yacht to the USA is all in a day's work for us.

Zero-tolerance policy against damage

WWL has a zero-tolerance policy against cargo damage. This policy is enforced through best practices and continuous improvement of handling procedures through our Damage Prevention Programme, which ensures excellent quality of cargo handling as well as safe, efficient transport.

Advanced Track and Trace (ATT)

A newly launched WEB tool (requires log-in) provides customers with full visibility of their cargo. Advanced search functionality makes it possible to find, group, view, and export (XLS & PDF) desired cargo at last event with close to real time updates.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI aims to speed up the synchronisation of systems, reduce manual workload, cut down on errors, and finally improve service levels. WWL supports a variety of formats and protocols for electronic exchange of information related to our transports. Contact us for consultation and proposal to your EDI requirements.

Ocean transportation

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