Our vessels offer a high degree of flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of bulky, heavy cargo - from drilling rigs and mine roof supports to conveyor belts and earth moving equipment.

After a record year in 2012 the mining industry has had to cope with declining commodity prices and high cost pressure. In order to handle these challenges, miners around the world try to increase the efficiency of their machines and reuse equipment in different locations whereas OEMs look at cost reduction possibilities and exploration of new markets.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics understands these pressures. Peaks and high demand can be met at the same time as scattered shipments to different locations with our ocean and inland network around the world. We offer storage, technical services and maintenance during the stay on our terminals as well as other technical services in many of our ports to make sure that your product arrives to the customer in perfect condition.

Most mining equipment use roll trailers which have a capacity to handle up to 140 tons. For cargo weighing between 140 and 220 tons, we use our own specially designed Samson heavy-lift trailers. For cargo that exceeds the capacity of our own equipment we utilises jack-up trailers which can be configured to the exact requirements of the cargo.

Our service is not only limited to rolling units. Experienced employees around the world can handle your non-rolling product on innovative equipment solutions to reduce lifting and ensure a smooth voyage to the desired destination.