From factory to dealer

Whether engaging WWL to discuss logistics design, optimization, or as a partner in executing logistics services, you will experience that WWL has at its disposal a comprehensive portfolio of advanced technology solutions that support all of its activities worldwide. WWL has deployed only global platforms across its primary activities and locations, providing our customers with consistent service and performance, whether you work with us on land in China, Panama, Australia or Belgium, or across the world's oceans.  The architecture provides full end to end visibility while at the same time simplifying the integration effort for customers and suppliers alike.


Forward visibility

An integrated value chain is the critical ingredient to efficiency in The Perfect Handover, WWL's supply chain platform couples WWLs own asserts and activities with that of our partners providing customers a full itinerary for each unit under management, the ability to prioritize units throughout the supply chain  as well as dynamically select the most efficient route from origin to destination. It is this capability that allows dealers in Australia to review together with their customers, the specifications of made-to stock vehicles that have left the factory in the United States and Europe and are  in transit across land or sea, and when they are scheduled to arrive. Made to order, or prioritize receiving a vehicle already on the way - that's the flexibility WWL can provide to your customers.

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