This is how WWL transports breakbulk the RoRo way

Air shuttle

Constructed for loading and discharging assembled rail cars. Because the rail cars have their bogies attached, they can easily and quickly be rolled on and off the air shuttle.

Jack-up trailer with blocks and beams

A mighty piece of equipment, the jack up trailer is capable of carrying almost all products, regardless of weight and size. The key is its flexibility in configuration to suit the weight and size of the products. Most also feature individual hydraulics on each axle and turnable wheel sets. At the terminal and on board the vessel, your product rests safely on solid blocks and beams construction. Samson The Samson heavy-lift trailer is specially designed by WWL,  and well suited for small and medium sized lifts, such as transformers, generators and turbines. These trailers can carry up to 220 tons.

Roll trailer

WWL’s main work horse, roll trailers are designed for RoRo transport of heavy and large breakbulk units, but can also be used for most types of general breakbulk products. WWL operates roll trailers ranging from 20feet up to 80 feet in length, with capacities from 25 to 140 tonnes. Roll trailers can also be modified, ensuring they are tailor-made for many types of special products.


An ideal solution for products too heavy or too bulky to fit into a container. Customers can collect bolsters for stuffing at their own premises. Once shipped, receiver can pick up the loaded bolsters at the terminal in the discharge port.

Multipurpose bogies

WWL’s most recent addition to their equipment fleet. Designed to carry most types of breakbulk. It adds even more flexibility for carrying customer’s project cargo. Can carry products up to 120 tonnes and 50 meters long.

Specialised roll trailers

WWL creates customized roll trailer solutions for their customers. An example is their “no lift” solution for trains. The product slides seamlessly between land and ocean equipment ensuring smooth and damage free operation.