The main goal of the workshops was to educate WWL customers about the benefits of using RoRo vessels when transporting large or breakbulk cargo. The workshops included presentations and discussions about various types of RoRo vessels, the global RoRo fleet and the different kinds of RoRo cargo. They also covered the differences between RoRo, Container and LoLo (lift on/lift off), and included discussions of the benefits and weaknesses of each.

Also attending were representatives from the Port Authorities and several partner companies including Autoterminal, a multimodal terminal for handling of vehicles at the Port of Barcelona; Embalajes Cantabria, which specialises in cargo packing and securing; Gestenor, which focuses on cargo handling with cranes; and Bergé Marítima, a multimodal terminal for vehicles at the Port of Santander.

Eukeni Salutregi, Head of Breakbulk and Cargo Equipment for WWL in Spain, says the workshops were a hit with the participants. “It was evident from the discussions we had that WWL holds a very strong position in this area,” he says.

The general feeling from the workshops was echoed in the satisfaction survey completed by the participants. One attendee congratulated WWL for hosting a good event, saying, “Once again, WWL is at the cutting edge and much ahead of competitors.”

WWL will continue to offer these types of workshops in both Barcelona and Santander in the coming year, and it is looking into expanding the event to other parts of Spain.