Trade with Oceania is on the up, as the Australian national trade surplus reached its second-highest level on record in February*. Meanwhile, Australia continues to import more than twice as much as it exports to the U.S. and is 15th on the list of U.S. principle export destinations**.

These are the top five reasons why customers choose WWL as their preferred logistics partner for shipments to Oceania:

1. Get to market faster

If you are looking for a frequent, fast and reliable service from North America to Oceania, look no further than WWL. With three sailings every month direct from Baltimore and Savannah, WWL’s transit time from the North-American East Coast to Australia is on average seven to nine days faster than that of any other carrier. Moreover, during busy months with increased volume demands, WWL has the capacity to schedule additional sailings.

2. Reap the benefits of experience and reliability 

Enjoy peace of mind when you entrust your cargo to WWL. WWL is a trusted and reliable carrier on the North America-Oceania trade route, with almost 30 years’ experience under its belt. Its proven, sustainable service is more consistent, reliable and predictable than any other, with few schedule changes. Moreover, cargo is kept safe and sound on board WWL’s impressive fleet of the world’s largest, modern, purpose-built RoRo vessels. 

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3. Partner with expertise to handle regulatory compliance and your quality needs

WWL has a proven track record in staying ahead of regulations to maximise the quality of its service. It has even won awards for compliance with Clean Cargo regulations, including the 2016 Biosecurity Award from the Australian Government and the 2015 Lloyd’s List Australia Maritime Services Award. WWL operates custom-built Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) treatment centres and cargo-washing facilities at key ports to comply with regulatory clean cargo requirements in Australia and New Zealand, as well as providing support with fumigation, documentation and certification.      

Biosecurity Award: Australian government recognise WWL's efforts

4. Expertise and support that is second to none

With its best-in-class approach to customer service, operations and logistics management, WWL is committed to supporting the needs of its customers at every step of the way. WWL has won multiple customer service awards and has been ranked at the top of the industry by shippers for its 24/7 Customer Care.

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WWL employs a dedicated full-service team in Oceania, with skilled operations staff and certified Quality and Safety experts at ports, as well as experienced Account Managers who are on hand to advise, coordinate and troubleshoot.

5. Specialised value-added services

WWL provides a wide range of logistics services at either end of the shipping journey. Whether you need a trusted partner for inland distribution, product assembly, processing or cargo washing, WWL is ready to support every stage of the outbound supply chain.

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