Rubber Tire Bogies are suited for shipment of railcar shells without bogie. These are customized to fit the specific railcar model to be transported.

The Air Shuttle trailer is specially designed by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics for loading and discharging fully assembled railcars with attached rail bogies. Fitted with rails and a pneumatic system, the Air Shuttle can raise and lower the trailer bed to ground level, eliminating the need to lift the cargo.

The Greenhofer is the Air Shuttle's "little brother" and functions very much in the same way. It is tailored to transport up to 15 tons, which is ideal for light railcars and railcar shells with exposed rail bogies or with rail bogies in crates.

Roll trailers fitted with rails provide a cost effective transportation especially for heavier rail cars equipped with bogies. This concept also lends itself to easy transfer from/to land transport modes.

In light of increasing urbanization, growing mega cities and increasing people transportation, the rail industry needs to cater to a steadily increasing demand for equipment. Our rail logistics leaders face challenges that range from assembling large-volume product delivery schedules with tight timeframes to meeting non-dismantle production requirements on long and awkward shaped units.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is the front runner in developing suitable and cost efficient equipment to carry the whole range of rail machinery in a smooth and efficient manner. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for lifts and as a result we employ numerous equipment solutions that do not require the use of a crane.

As timing always matters, WWL provides you with a reliable shipment schedule which gives you peace of mind when planning your delivery schedule. Efficient and high quality handling in the ports ensures you a fast turnaround and final delivery to your customer. In fact, many of our terminals have rail access for direct commission.

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