The value that Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics provides to customers and to the environment extends to the people who make our factory-to-dealer transport model work. Across a wide range of professional disciplines and expertise our people put our corporate values into practice every day. It is their dedication and motivation to our mission of clean, efficient and cost effective global performance that literally delivers on our promises.

Company Values
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics makes every effort to ensure that every employee is aware of and committed to the company values that guide how to work efficiently and with high ethical standards.

To promote success for ourselves, our customers and the world in which we live, and to guide the performance of all employees, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics states our established company values as follows:

Customer Centered - Understand & Deliver

  • Understand our customers and their needs.
  • Deliver services that represent value for the customer and are profitable for WWL.

Empowerment - Engage & Take Responsibility

  • Seek and accept responsibility.
  • Take initiative both within and outside your functional area.
  • Seek and give feedback.
  • Focus and follow-up on results.

Teaming and Collaboration - Share & Contribute

  • Share information and knowledge.
  • Listen and try to understand colleagues' views.
  • Involve others and use their experience and skills.
  • Work together to create optimal solutions.

Innovation - Challenge & Improve

  • Try new ideas and make things simpler.
  • Take balanced risks and implement purposeful changes.
  • Learn from experience and continue to develop.
  • Design solutions that differentiate WWL from competition.

Stewardship - Care & Respect

  • Demonstrate honesty and accountability in every action.
  • Treat your colleagues fairly and with respect.
  • Respect and care for WWL assets, short and long term.
  • Focus on environment, community and safety.