Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics management services. Our activities include ocean-going transportation and land based operations, such as vehicle processing and terminal management. We recognise these represent a significant environmental footprint.

We believe that the best way to reduce environmental impact, risk and cost is to be an industry environmental frontrunner and to work towards a zero emissions future. To remain true to this course, our daily activities are guided by a 5-part strategic framework.

  • We focus on those areas which have a major impact on the environment.
  • We hold ourselves accountable and transparent in our environmental commitments.
  • We exceed our responsibilities for environmental performance.
  • We invest in future technologies.
  • We cultivate partnership with stakeholders to develop sustainable solutions.

We strive to continuously improve our environmental footprint by minimising the energy used and emissions produced per transported unit because we believe in the premise that environmental harm can be prevented. We keep waste to a minimum through continuous focus on the management of resources and efficient recycling.

While our environmental goals are ambitious, we believe they are also realistically attainable. In the interest of transparency and accountability we publish audited environmental performance metrics in our annual Environmental Sustainability Report.

We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental regulations and, in keeping with our frontrunner ambition, we aim to be that vital step ahead of existing and emerging requirements by implementing innovative solutions. Engagement with external stakeholders guides us in finding those solutions and provides the critical perspectives that we need to remain a frontrunner.

WWL's environmental management systems shall be in compliance with ISO 14001 and will be periodically audited and updated as necessary.

WWL's Environmental Policy will be made available to all interested parties as well as posted on our website.

Christopher J. Connor, Chief Executive Officer