A best practice is a practical implementation that improves one of the areas in the Castor Green Standard. WWL has a portfolio of best practices covering all areas, the majority derived from successful implementations by employees at WWL sites across the world.

Each best practice can be considered as a manual for implementation that will have a positive environmental impact on the site and includes:

  • Description of best practice and area of improvement
  • Scope
  • Impacts (positive and negative)
  • Cost and ROI
  • References
  • Top Tips!
  • Images
  • Contact information for the site/people responsible for that best practice

The Castor Green Standard operates with a reward programme in which sites receive recognition when they:

  • Move one area (green space, energy, water or waste) to the next level on the Castor Green Scale.
  • Move the whole site to the next level of the Castor Green Scale