Environmental Highlights

  1. In 2013, WWL maintained its 1.5% global sulphur policy for a tenth straight year.
  2. Over 200,000 tonnes of sulphur emissions savings have been achieved as a result of WWL's global low sulphur fuel policy.
  3. Launch of Trident Alliance, a collaboration between shipping companies that promotes more robust environmental regulatory enforcement for the benefit of the environment, human health and responsible industry. 

2013 Business in brief

4.3 million units transported 2013;
1.9 million by sea and 2.4 million inland

12 terminals worldwide handled 4 million units

58 technical services sites processed 6 million automotive and rolling equipment units

60 modern car carriers and RoRo vessels servicing 10 major trades

5,800 employees worldwide.

Owned by Wallenius Lines of Sweden and Wilh. Wilhelmsen of Norway.

Achievements & Awards

A company can make many assertions and promises about the values it offers to customers, employees and the world at large, but the proof is in the performance. At WWL, we are gratified that our performance has been recognized within the industry and acknowledged by the following achievements and awards, which we continue to strive to live up to in our sustainable business model.

  • John Deere: WWL awarded 'Partner' status in Deere's Achievement Excellence program.
  • Caterpillar in-plant business in Chennai recognized by CAT as best in class.
  • M/V Tonsberg awarded the "Ship of the Year" by the Japanese Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
  • Project Cargo Award; Lloyds List Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Award
  • "Best Service Logistics Supplier 2012" for CNH Europe.